Birmingham Comedy Festival 2020

Today marks the start of the Birmingham Comedy Festival!

In a parallel universe, I should’ve been debuting a one-man show around about now, as well as enjoying a wealth of offerings from other local comedians. But…

Well, we all know what happened in March 2020.

As the year veered off in its own surreal direction, gigs became impossible and a huge question mark came to hang over every event and festival in the land.

So it was good to recently learn that the Birmingham Comedy Festival is NOT entirely cancelled this October! Instead it will exist in a much smaller form, as a series of online bits and bobs (here’s the full line-up).

And I’m pleased to announce that I will be appearing in one of these shows!

It will be an interactive live-streamed Choose Your Own… ahem, sorry “Pick Your Own Escapade” hosted on Twitch. And I shall be appearing in the guise of Satan himself – a character I was having huge fun developing on the Birmingham Open Mic circuit before the Covidpocalypse came and spoiled everything.

The show will be fronted by Irish comedian Mary Flanigan (who was commended at last year’s Breaking Talent Awards) with me manifesting via webcam from my own lair, and it will be free to watch.

Anyone can watch the livestream, whether you have a Twitch account or not – but if you DO have a Twitch account, you’ll have the bonus of being able to guide the narrative by commenting in the chat feed.


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